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10 tips to relieve period pain

10 tips to manage period pain - Companion4health.com

Period pain is common. Approximately 80 per cent of women suffer from period pain. In some cases, period pain is mild and manageable. And in others, it can be excruciating.

There are many causes to period pain. However, much of the time, the root cause is in the emotional body. Any psychological trauma caused in the past can be the cause of menstrual pain.

The emotional and psychological pain then manifests in the physical body as pain. It is believed that period pain has a lot to do with our disconnection to our own feminine nature.

Trauma causes this disconnection. And disconnection to our true selves manifests as physical period pain.

However, if we take good care of ourselves and work on healing the root emotional cause, period pain starts to reduce and even disappear over time.

Here are ten tips to effectively manage and heal period pain:

Gentle exercise

It’s that time of the month, and you are in pain. If you have mild pain, try doing some gentle exercises. Walking or gently stretching your body can give it the movement it needs.

Sometimes, movement helps in releasing some of the pain. However, if you are suffering from intense period pain, you need to rest completely. Listen to your body.

If your body absolutely cannot move due to the pain, it is best to rest and take it easy. If you can move, you can gently try the following yoga poses:

Butterfly pose

During period pain, it is best to do this pose lying down. To do the butterfly pose, gently lie down on your back. And then bring the sole of your feet together while bending your knees.

This pose should give you at least some relief.

Child’s pose

For the child’s pose, sit on your knees in vajrasana. And then gently bend forward with your hands beside your shoulders fully relaxed. Relax your entire body in this pose.

Stay in this pose for however long you feel comfortable.

To relieve period pain, you can also try the camel pose, the boat and the fish pose. Along with these yoga poses, you can also try meditation to relieve menstrual pain. Studies have proven that meditation helps to relieve period pain.

Take a warm water shower

Hot water showers are incredibly relaxing. And not only that but taking a hot water bath also release toxins through the skin. Periods are a time of release and cleansing. And cleansing through the skin will help relax your body further.

Whether you bathe in a bathtub or under the shower, the hot water flowing on your back, and abdomen with help ease the pain.

You can also cuddle up with a hot water bag. Place the warm water bag on your abdomen or lower back. A study showed that women who used hot water bags experienced equal relief from menstrual pain to women who were given ibuprofen.

Massage and bodywork

You can ask your mom or spouse to give you a gentle massage. You can also self-massage your abdomen with essential oils. Rose, ylang-ylang, lavender and chamomile are beautiful healing essential oils for period pain.

These essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties, balance hormones and ease menstrual pain.

Acupressure has also proven to be effective in relieving menstrual pain. And acupuncture has shown to improve the quality of life of women with severe menstrual pain. (1)

Aromatherapy, combined with bodywork, also helps to relieve pain.

Healing herbs

Ginger, fennel, and basil are some of the best herbs to relieve menstrual pain.

A study found that women who were given ginger experienced an equal level of relief from period pain to women who were given ibuprofen. (3)

Another study found that women who were given ginger root powder experienced greater relief from period pain than women who were given the placebo effect. (4)

Fennel contains a compound called anethole. Anethole has anti-spasm effects and helps reduce period pain. In a study, women who took fennel experienced more significant relief than women who took other synthetic or placebo drugs. (5).

Eat lighter foods

During menstruation, your body is releasing lots of toxins through the blood. It is a time of release and cleansing. And so, your body is doing a lot of work.

While your body is working on the release and cleanse, it is best to eat lighter foods. Foods easier to digest and easy on the stomach are the best types of foods to manage menstrual pain.

If you eat processed foods and heavy foods, your body has to put in even more energy to digest food which may increase menstrual pain. Bananas, lemons, oranges, watermelon, spinach are filled with essential nutrients and anti-oxidants.

Eat loads of them and avoid junk and processed foods that make you feel bloated.

Avoid coffee, alcohol tobacco and fatty foods that irritate the nervous system or puts pressure on the body.

Have an orgasm

Orgasms release feel-good hormones like endorphins and oxytocin. The release of these hormones decrease pain perception and relaxes your body and mind.

A study by Dr Barry Komisaruk and Dr Beth Whipple showed that women’s tolerance of pain was double due to vaginal stimulation. And so, having orgasm also helps to relieve period pain.

Heal your emotions

Physical pain, in this case, is often a manifestation of emotional and psychological distress. Sometimes, we have suppressed emotions which manifest has period pain.

To heal menstrual pain, you need to feel your suppressed emotions. Suppressed emotions can be positive or negative. It is a common myth that we only suppress negative emotions such as sadness, fear and anger.

But we also suppress positive emotions like joy, gratitude, inspiration and love. Feeling it all is the key to healing.

You can try the emotional freedom technique (EFT), which has proven to be highly effective in releasing suppressed emotions and in healing physical ailments. (6)