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8 Sleeping tips for good sleep

19 sleeping tips for good sleep - Companion4health

There is almost nothing a good sleep cannot solve. But many of us have difficultly falling asleep at night. Numerous researches have found that a good night’s sleep has many mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits.

good night’s sleep relaxes our nervous system. A calm and relaxed nervous system is the key to living to our best capacity. Yes, it’s true many of us have trouble falling asleep.

But don’t let that be a cause of worry. Once you try a few ways to get a good night’s sleep, it becomes easily possible.

Here are 8 sleeping tips to help you get a good night’s sleep:

Set your intention right

This is one of the sleeping tips that is the secret to change and sleep well at night. Yes, all of us want a good sleep. We all crave and love a good night’s sleep. But how often do we sit and contemplate on this topic?

How often do we consciously make efforts to make sure we sleep well each night? So, start with taking some time out of your day and contemplate on your sleeping habits.

And as you are contemplating, set your intention of sleeping well and taking conscious measure for it. Once you have set your intention right, the job is half done.

Avoid drinking coffee in the evenings

Coffee has many health benefits like it boosts energy, helps burn fat and others. It increases focus and general performance.

And that is why it is not a good idea to have coffee in the evening closer to your bedtime. Coffee is best if it is had in the morning, any time before 1-2 pm.

The effect of coffee stays for 6-7 hours. If you have trouble sleeping or are sensitive to caffeine, it is best not to drink any coffee in the evening.

Research also suggests that sleep disorders are one of the major side effects of drinking too much coffee. So, avoid drinking too much of it and drinking it after 2 pm so that your nervous system and body is relaxed and ready for sleep.

Expose yourself to light during the day

One of the best sleeping tips is to expose yourself to natural or bright light during the day.

For people with insomnia exposure to natural light like sunlight or bright light during the day can improve their sleep quality. It also helped them fall asleep faster.

Another study found that an increase in bright light exposure during the day also increased sleep duration at night. So, make it a point to get enough sunlight or explore yourself to bright light during the day to sleep well at night.

Reduce the use of digital screens in the evening

While exposing yourself to light in the day is beneficial, exposure to light in the evening can get in the way of a goodnight’s sleep.

Because when you expose yourself to bright light in the evening, it tricks your body into thinking that it is still day time. Exposure to bright light in the evenings also decreases melatonin secretion.

Melatonin is the hormone your brain secretes to help you relax and sleep. So, keep the lights in your room dim and don’t use electronic devices like TV, computer or phone before sleeping.

Work-out during the day

The people who work on farms or do laborious work often sleep well at night because they have worked hard during the day. By the time it’s time to sleep, they are optimally tired and can fall asleep quickly.

For those of us who live in cities, most of our work is through digital screens like laptops, computers and phones. We put our minds to work, but our bodies stay unworked.

Unworked bodies lead to lethargy, obesity, and various disorders, one of them being sleep disorders.

For people in the cities, exercising our bodies at the gym or a yoga class might help with this.

Avoid that tempting afternoon nap

While shorter day time naps have positive effects, long and irregular sleeping in the day can lead to sleep disorders.

Sleeping in the day can confuse your body’s rhythm and can lead to poor sleep at night. Another study found that participants were sleepier during the next day when they had a day time nap on the previous day.

If you take short naps during the day and have no trouble getting a good night’s sleep, there is nothing for you to worry about. Carry on as you were. Everyone responds to day time naps differently.

Have a relaxing shower before sleep

Research suggests that bathing before sleeping increases the quality of sleep and helps to fall asleep faster.

To relax by submerging yourself in water before bed is one of the most effective sleeping tips. So, to get a good night’s sleep take a relaxing bath or shower before you head off into the dream world.

If you don’t feel like bathing at night, you can simply submerge your feet in warm water with some sea salts. This will help you relax and sleep like a baby.

Don’t work or eat on the bed

The bed is for sleeping, resting and sex. Working or eating in bed confuses the mind. According to medical professionals, the bed needs to be a stimulus for sleeping and resting.

So reserve your bed space for sleeping, resting and sex.

In essence, your sleep cycles deeply impact your health. Lack of sleep causes many health problems. And so, it is vital to understand more about sleep and strive to get a good night’s sleep.