An 8 acre medical facility to open in Fairhope USA

On Tuesday health officials said that USA Health will build a medical facility on a beautiful 8-acre piece of land. This location of the project in the east of Fairhope on the corner of Alabama 104 and Alabama 181. 

The USA medical office facility will include imaging technologies and offices for medical care professionals. An ambulatory surgical centre will also be built as USA Health has applied for a Certificate of Need to the state. This medical office facility will have three builds with 80000 feet space. 

The 8-acre land on which this facility will be built amounts to 2 billion dollars and was made to the University of South Alabama by Louis and Melinda Mapp. 

Louis said that he and Malinda feel grateful to be able to contribute and help the residents of Baldwin County gain access to a higher level of medical experience and expertise with ease and comfort. He praises USA Healthy by saying it brings unique subspecialty care to their region. 

Other exciting and attractive plans for the medical health office facility include outdoor educational and gathering areas, well-designed walking paths and refreshing water features. 

The medical facility will also have an indoor educational component that patients can use. Patients will also have access to nutritional and prevention strategies related to wellness. USA Health will also be able to use this space to fulfil its academic healthcare mission by educating future and current healthcare providers.

Praises for the new medical facility

The president of USA Health, Troy Waldrop, believes that the medical facility will be a significant asset for the health system and the community at large. He expressed feelings of gratitude towards the Mapp family for making such a generous donation of the land. He called the Mapp family’s commitment towards the community unwavering. 

USA vice president for medical affairs and dean of the USA College of Medicine, John Marymont, said that the Mapp family’s generous donation would help the medical system to provide new academic health services to Baldwin County.

Marymont is thrilled that the campus offers solutions to wellness, nutrition and prevention and also delivers specialized healthcare and the training of the new generation of physicians. 

Chief executive officer of USA Health, Owen Bailey, said that this new medical facility is an opportunity for them to bring a number of speciality care providers to a facility that is located centrally and makes it easy for the people of Baldwin County to stay close to their homes and meet their health care needs.

Many USA Health senior officers praise the Mapp family for contributing to the development of their community. The Mapp family have been helping USA Health to meet the needs of some of their most vulnerable patients. (1)