Are you sure that you are sleeping adequately every night?

We all must have read or learnt somewhere that six to eight hours of sleep is enough sleep for an adult. But even if we regularly monitor such a sleep pattern, how do we know that we are getting adequate sleep? If you really look closely at your daily habits and routine, you might just come across some hints. Your body will give you signs if you are sleeping enough, just like it reacts when you are sleep deprived. 

However, the most evident proof that you’ve got enough sleep would be you feeling fresh. In other words, you should feel well-rested after you wake up. While your body shows signs when it gets enough sleep, there are also negative signs which result from inadequate sleep (1). Let us consider both sides of the coin for a better analysis. This article will lead us through: 

  1. Signs that you are getting adequate sleep
  2. Signs showing inadequate sleep

Let’s begin! 

Signs that you are getting adequate sleep

When you complete your sleep, one familiar feeling will be a positive vibe. The feeling of having a proper, undisturbed night’s sleep is unmatched. So what are some of the notable signs that talk about your healthy sleep pattern? 

  • The use of an alarm becomes redundant 

Everyone is aware of how disarming the alarm noise can be. People often go through a morning phase of snoozing alarms in repetition and then drowsily grabbing some morning coffee or tea. If you are gradually noticing a change in this pattern, that’s undoubtedly an improvement. This speaks a lot about your sleep pattern. 

Once your body is used to a specific way, it will not need an external factor like an alarm to wake it up. Thus if you wake up before your alarm rings and still feel fresh, congratulations, you have had a good night’s sleep. 

  • Sustained weight

Do you find no change in your weight? Or do you find reduced healthy weight recently? But you have missed the gym frequently and did not maintain a diet. Don’t get confused. This is probably just you maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern and covering enough sleep regularly. Research says the more sleep-deprived you are, the more you weigh. 

This phenomenon is mainly due to the optimal functionality of your hormones during deep sleep. Apart from that, insulin production and utilization in your body are adequate. You feel full and don’t snack whenever you want. 

  • Reduced caffeine and junk cravings

For most people without a caffeine boost going through the day becomes unimaginable. Many of us depend on multiple cups of coffee or other caffeine-integrated beverages to sustain our daily workload. Suppose you find yourself doing just fine without thinking about caffeine up to the afternoon; your sleep game is definitely strong. 

According to several dieticians, when you are not sleeping adequately, you are more likely to crave carbs or sugar to rejuvenate yourself. In general, lack of sleep naturally makes you feel more hungry throughout the day. However, when you get your adequate amount of sleep, you will treat pizzas and french fries as luxuries instead of necessities. 

  • Enhanced memory and greater attention span

Interrupted or inadequate sleep can result in you feeling lousy the entire day with a significant loss of focus. But if you are getting enough sleep, you will note considerable patience in yourself. For example, you can drive with focus and also do not feel restless the entire day. 

  • Fewer incidences of other underlying conditions

When you are sleeping enough, conditions like sleep apnea, acid reflux, snoring, etc., start improving with time. If you wake up feeling sick or crummy with symptoms like dry mouth, headache or a sore throat, you should consider getting some more sleep. 

Signs showing inadequate sleep

Here are some basic signs which show that you need to love your bed a bit more. 

  • Skin breakouts 

Your sleep pattern and amount have a significant impact on your skin health (2). Inadequate or interrupted sleep may result in acne and other forms of breakouts. Even with a marked six-hour daily rest, you may find your skin reaction. It could arise due to various factors like unhampered sleep and timely sleep. 

  • Mood swings

If you do not get enough rest, your mood will not act very calm. You might end up feeling cranky the rest of the day. It might be that you get riled up on insignificant aspects without any reason. So if you don’t feel yourself, consider taking a nap sometime to cover up for it. 

  • The look of your eye

Naturally, with less sleep, your eyes do not receive enough rest. Without adequate rest, muscles and skin around your eyes tend to loosen and might undergo inflammations. Signs like redness, dark circles, and under-eye bags all suggest you definitely need to hit the bed more often. Moreover, sleeping less might cause ageing symptoms like lines and wrinkles to show up early (3). This is typical because you are avoiding deep sleep when your body produces some essential hormones or undergoes tissue repairs. 

Wrapping Up

Just getting adequate sleep can help you achieve your skin goals, manage your weight and boost your immunity. If you wonder why you are still struggling to achieve these, start scheduling your sleep and make sure you get enough of it.