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Back to Basics: Live Simply

Back to Basics: Live simply, bloom wildly - Companion4health

Enlightenment is a funny thing. It can come to you when you are sitting in the Himalayas when you are in profound stillness and silence. And it can come to you in the middle of utter chaos when you have given up all hope and are on your knees begging for divine grace.

Enlightenment is a funny thing because it comes when you least expect it. It comes when you have searched and searched for god and found him nowhere, and you come back home after roaming the whole world, tired, weary, and defeated. When you return home, you find it, right at your doorstep.

You realize it has always been there. Enlightenment is a funny thing.

The ancient texts say that the Kali Yuga that we live in now is the perfect time to realize our true selves. The texts say that the more intense and chaotic the world gets, the more we will experience challenges individually and collectively, the more our chances are for waking up to the Truth, to the true nature of reality.

This is because suffering is the most excellent teacher. Suffering teaches us lessons that cut deep. It is a survival instinct of humanity to avoid suffering and pain, but when we truly dive into the depths of our darkness is when we find the true light that our soul deeply yearns for.

Kali Yuga is here, and it beckons us to go within, to know ourselves on deeper levels, to explore our inner worlds, to explore each other, and to explore this mind-blowing, heart-warming world.

One of the best ways to explore our lives is to go back to the basics. We have made our day to day lives too complicated and tedious. We buy things we don’t need. We talk too much when it is not required. We confuse ourselves with illusions.

In many ways, we have forgotten what it means to have a peaceful inner life and connect more with ourselves and the world. The world is getting more and more chaotic because we are starting to lose touch with our true selves.

Going within and getting in touch with our true selves is our only true refuge. Coming back to basics, coming back to the simple things is what we truly need if we are living a hectic and stressed life.

The more chaotic the world gets, the more there is the need to simplify things.

Come back to simple things like laughing till your belly hurts, complimenting people when you see something genuinely beautiful about them, being there for the people you love, caring about animals, being considerate, just the basic simple things that make us human.

Coming back to our basic humanity is one of the essential things in these times of chaos. People all around the globe are feeling the need to come back to their true selves.

Yoga and meditation are one of the most potent and effective methods to begin the journey of simplifying our lives. People all over the world are joining yoga classes and attending yoga and meditation retreats.

The word yoga means Union meaning union of the body, mind, and soul. In today’s world, where a large number of people work on computers sitting in one place for long periods of time and where the greed of money and power is becoming more and more prominent, we are becoming disconnected from our bodies, minds, and souls.

This is where yoga comes into the picture.

These ancient practices are helping millions of people to get more in touch with their bodies through yoga postures and various yogic practices. When you practice these yoga postures with devotion and sincerity, they bring about an internal transformation of the human being.

With yoga, our body starts to open up and align; our mind starts to purify, and our soul starts to come back in connection. A sense of aliveness comes upon along with a feeling of interconnectedness with ourselves, with people and with mother nature.

Many yoga and Ayurveda retreats in India and all over the world are held precisely, for this reason, to purify our body and mind, so we can feel more peaceful and connected.

Including a yoga practice in our day to day, life is essential and a beautiful way to get more in touch with our selves, to feel the silence and stillness within and, most importantly, to get in touch with simplicity.

To start the new year, you can go for a yoga retreat to learn yoga or go for a few Ayurveda retreats in India to purify and heal your body.

Our breath is a gift and the simplest thing. When we remember to breathe consciously and feel the breath move through our whole body and every cell of our being, we can instantly rejuvenate our mind and body and come into the simple yet precious present moment.

When we learn to sit in meditation even if it is just for a few minutes a day, spend time with our body, mind, and breath, we begin to feel more grounded and connected to ourselves. These are the simple things in life that truly matter, connection to ourselves, others, and nature, and peace.

Yoga and meditation are beautiful ways to get back to the basics. Another important aspect of getting back to the basics is food.

We are what we eat is widely used because food is one of the most critical aspects of our lives.

When we gather with our loved ones for festivals, special occasions, or just a simple family dinner, we cook food, communicate and connect with each other, share our stories, bringing joy, and a feeling of togetherness.

Food plays a vital role in our lives, as it gives us the energy to perform our daily tasks. When we put fast foods and unhealthy foods into our bodies, our bodies start to get toxic and unhealthy.

One of the best ways to simplifying our life is to eat healthy and nourishing food that makes us feel lighter and avoid foods that make us feel denser and heavier. Eating home-cooked and organically grown food is essential to purifying our mind and body, thus simplifying our lives.

Having a daily yoga and meditation practice to dive deep within ourselves and eating a healthy and nourishing diet is essential now more than ever and are great ways to purify and simplify our lives.  

Lao Tzu said, “I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.”


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