Boost Your Memory and Brain Functions With Brain Healthy Foods

Keeping the mind and body healthy can get challenging as we age. People believe that even the slightest of memory lapse can lead to severe diseases of the brain. In most cases, they fear Alzheimer’s or other similar disorders. For instance, researchers associate certain food items with a strong memory retention power. Brain healthy foods are rich in minerals, vitamins, and good fats. It would provide energy and protection to your brain. This article contains information about the following brain-healthy food items:

  • Red Cabbage
  • Rose Mary
  • Chicken Liver
  • Brown Rice
  • Sunflower Seed
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Seaweed
  • Almond Butter
  • Cherry Tomato

Brain-Healthy Food Items that you must add to your Diet

Red Cabbage

Red cabbage is an excellent example of brain-healthy food. It is rich in vitamin C and essential antioxidants. Antioxidants help your brain to stay healthy. It also improves memory by guarding your cerebrum against free radicals. These radicals can attack the DNA, carbohydrates, and proteins in your body. Thus, these free radicals can contribute to Alzheimer’s disease when you age. Besides, Alzheimer’s disease can also occur due to plaque formation. Red cabbage contains anthocyanins. This chemical helps in preventing Alzheimer’s in older adults. (1).


This herb contains essential nutrients for brain health. It is a good source of carnosic acid that prevents the degeneration of nerves. Rosemary is also responsible for protecting the brain against various free radical damage. Thus, it protects your body from a stroke, brain aging, and Alzheimer’s (2). Several studies link rosemary oil to improved academic performance in young children. The aroma of oil helps in facilitating their retention power.

Chicken Liver

The human brain loves all the B Vitamins. So, you can consider goat and chicken liver as a food good for brain.It contains various B Vitamins like B-12, B-9, and B-3. The B Vitamins will help your brain to remain alert and focused. These vitamins are also vital for converting all the other nutrients into neurotransmitters. It helps in carrying out the necessary mitochondrial functions. Several studies associate beef liver with attention-holding capacity and improving long-term memory (3).

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a powerhouse of B-vitamins. It helps in converting an amino acid called homocysteine into a vital chemical. This chemical is useful for creating and learning new memories. Besides that, brown rice also contains gamma-aminobutyric acid. Thus it acts as a memory-enhancing ingredient and neurotransmitter (4). In some cases, it also helped in improving the cognitive development of school children (5). Thus, you can make your regular Diet more brain-healthy by adding brown rice to it.

Sunflower Seed

Many people consider sunflowers seeds as the best brain healthy foods. Sunflower seeds can impact your mood and mental processing power. The sources are abundant in a specific Vitamin B known as thiamine. It increases not only memory but also the cognitive function of the brain (5). The best thing about sunflower seeds is that you can enjoy it as a snack time. Replace your sugar-coated candy with sunflower seeds to enjoy its benefits.

Ginkgo Biloba

It improves the blood flow inside the brain. It also boosts your cognitive speed and memory. Several studies link ginkgo to a possible cure for people who have dementia (6). It also helps in inhibiting the progression of Alzheimer’s and dementia among patients. You can also have this food good for brain to improve your social behavior and perform regular tasks.


It contains a wide range of nutrients. Seaweed is a treasure trove of crucial nutrients like iodine, zinc, and iron. It can help you to maintain normal cognitive function. It even contains essential acids that contribute to improved mental performance. Moreover, this food has various compounds that boast robust antioxidant properties in seaweed. It helps in reducing brain inflammation. It can also prevent severe diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s (5).

Almond Butter

It is always better to choose almond butter instead of peanut butter. Almonds can increase your chances of reducing any age-related memory loss risks. Almonds are the most famous nuts in the nut family. It contains high amounts of Vitamin E. Almonds compared to peanuts are more potent. It is more useful in reducing the risks of cognitive impairments. Almonds can elevate acetylcholine levels. Thus it helps in enhancing memory both in children and adults.

Cherry Tomatoes

All orange and red vegetables are vital sources of a nutrient called carotenoids. They are responsible for improving memory and cognition over long periods. The skin of cherry tomatoes is the powerhouse of a powerful nutrient called lycopene. It protects the brain from inflammation caused due to depression. You can enjoy cherry tomatoes in the raw form or add it to your dish for a tangy flavor.

Wrapping Up

Staying sharp and active is just a moonwalk when you add these foods to your daily diet. They have all the nutrients for brain health that you would need to save your memory. Moreover, adding brain healthy foods to your regular diet will make you more efficient. Thus your productivity and performance in your daily life activities will improve too.