Dr Fauci emphasizes on public health principles for COVID-19

Infectious disease expert of the USA, Dr Anthony Fauci is adamant that we need not wait for the vaccine. He says that instead, we need to follow the coronavirus prevention protocols religiously.

According to Fauci, following public healing principles for COVID-19 itself would be extremely effective in controlling the virus. Fauci says that problem is that most Americans do not follow protocols for the prevention of the coronavirus.

He says we all need to wear masks, practice 6 feet of social distancing, avoid social gatherings and crowded places, practice hand hygiene and stay away from bars.

Fauci says there would be plenty of time later to gather and celebrate with family. But for now, until we have stopped the spread of the coronavirus, we need to follow these public health principles.

He says until we all wear masks and practice the prevention guidelines opening the country would be very risky. The infectious disease expert says opening the country and following prevention measures go hand in hand.

Amid all the chaos, Fauci seems to have a positive outlook on the COVID-19 situation.

He says we should not go into the fall and winter thinking we will have a major catastrophe. We should go in thinking that we will come out stronger and looking good from the COVID-19 situation.

Fauci believes that we need to unite as a country in our practices to stop the virus effectively.

Coronavirus and the “Three W’s”

US Surgeon General Dr Jerome Adams said we do not need to wait for a miracle vaccine or solution. He gives the example of New York.

New York has managed to keep infection and death rate low and its because they follow the 3 W’s.

The three W’s include, wash your hands which means maintain hand hygiene. Number two is watching your distance which means we need to maintain appropriate social distancing of 6 six feet. And number three is to wear your face mask.

Adams says just following these simple steps will reduce the spread of the virus. But it will take time for the results to be evident. And so he says, we need to stay the course and keep up the positive behaviour.

According to predictions by medical experts, the death rate in the US could 300000 by December. But wearing masks and following prevention protocol and save approximately 70000 lives.

The University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) director Dr Christopher Murray said we have a simple solution to combat the virus.

Murray says we have something simple, something inexpensive and which everybody can do to stop the virus. It merely is wearing masks and following public health guidelines.

Dr Christopher says, 39 states in the US, including Washington DC and Puerto Rico, have made masks compulsory and it’s working. (1)