Drop Those Few Extra Kilos With This Healthy Diet For Men

It’s difficult for a man to stay in perfect shape all the time. Even after regular exercise, only a few people manage to keep their weight control. Losing weight is easier if you pay attention to your diet. Apart from keeping your portions in check, there are a couple of other things that you can do. This article aims to help you in selecting the best weight loss foods. Here you’ll get to know what is the healthy diet for men by going through the following topics:

  • The Importance of Protein in your Diet?
  • How Healthy Meals Affects Weight Loss?
  • How to indulge in Healthy Snacking
  • Cooking Tips that can Affect your Weight.

The Importance of Protein in your Diet

If you cannot decide what is the healthy diet for men, stick to proteins. Proteins will help you to stay lean and build muscles. It can meet your hunger for a long time without increasing your calorie intake. But, instead of eating more proteins, you must choose the right type of protein-rich food (1).

Proteins are made up of Amino Acids. Your body can make most of the essential amino acids. But, your body also needs amino acids from food to stay healthy. Some proteins contain alanine and glycine. They are non-essential amino acids that your body does not need. You must add more complete proteins to your diet that contain all essential amino acids. Food items like poultry, dairy products, meat, fish, chia seeds, quinoa are excellent examples of complete proteins (2).

How healthy meals affect weight loss

A good weight loss diet for men contains healthy meal plans. It should include plenty of fruits, green vegetables, healthy fats, fibers. Plant-based proteins contain high fiber and water content. It can lower your calorie intake and help you lose weight with ease (3). You can also change your proteins rich in fat to lean meats. It will meet your hunger but reduce the intake of calories.

While planning your perfect weight loss diet for men, don’t forget to add the following items to your meals:

  • Legumes: chickpeas, green peas, black beans.
  • Lean but flavorful meat
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Green Leafy Vegetables: Broccoli, Kae, Spinach
  • Fatty Fishes: Tuna, Salmon, Herring
  • Low Fat Greek Yoghurt
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Whole Grains: Barley, Brown Rice, Quinoa

How to indulge in healthy snacking

Even after choosing a good weight loss diet for men, you might feel hungry between meals. But, eating unhealthy snacks can undo all your efforts. So you must only indulge in healthy snacks between your nutritious meals (4). Here are some healthy snacks that will not hamper your weight loss diet:

  • Chopped vegetables dipped in hummus.
  • Low-calorie protein-bars.
  • Hard-boiled eggs.
  • Low Fat Dairy or Plain Greek Yoghurt.
  • Nuts
  • Whole Grain crackers coated with peanut butter.
  • Berries like strawberry, blueberry, etc.

Cooking Tips that can affect your weight

Adding nutritious food to your diet won’t help you if you cannot cook it well. If you want to enjoy a fat loss diet for men, you can make specific changes in your cooking style. It will help you to build your muscles without adding more inches to your waistline.

Here are a few cooking tips and techniques that can help you to lose weight:

Grill your meat instead of frying it

Everybody loves a good steak, but it is impossible to fry it without excess oil or butter. But, you can cook it using less oil, if you roast it on a grill. You can marinate the lean meat with lemon juice to enhance its flavor. Grilled food contains heart-healthy fats, which can help you to lose weight (5)

Poach to cut oil consumption

Many good cooks prefer to poach seafood. It maximizes the flavor and brings down oil consumption. To poach a food item, you must first simmer it in little oil. After that, let it cook on warm water for a while.

Roast your vegetables to bring out the flavors

Roasting is the best way to bring out the flavors of a vegetable. Roasted vegetables taste better than boiled vegetables or bland salads. Season carrots, capsicums, lettuce, etc. with a pinch of olive oil, roast them with lean meat or sea food. You can also add your favorite seasoning before serving them.

Don’t fry your food, sautée it

Instead of deep-frying your favorite meat, sautée it. It will cut oil usage and enhance the delicate flavors. Always use good quality cookware while you sautée food items. It will make sure that the food doesn’t stick to the pan.

Wrapping up,

It is not uncommon to crave for pizzas or burgers while on a diet. But instead of getting it from a restaurant, you can always make a healthier version at home. Swap the high-calorie meat and cheese with low-calorie vegetables while making a pizza. Instead of fatty ground turkey, use lean beef in your burgers. Calories matter the most when you are trying to lose weight. So if you want to chart an excellent fat loss diet for men, calculate your daily calorie intake.