Foods To Improve Mental Health: what recipe you can follow next

Welcome to another class of health potions. Well, this is not Hogwarts, but you can indeed mix and match ingredients to suit your needs. Researchers suggest that dietary intervention is always useful. You will find many foods to improve mental health. All you need to know is how to turn them into tasty dishes. To your benefit, we have curated a list of mind-healthy ingredients. Not only will we tell you about how they help, but precisely what you can make out of them. 

To make your dishes more mind friendly, the recipes that follow are just what you need. 

Recipes for Mental Health: List of ingredients you can add to your daily recipes 

  1. Cook an oily fish 
  2. Kimchi with the probiotics 
  3. Nuts and seeds are the new icings 
  4. Veggies to the rescue 
  5. Count on the chocolate desserts 
  6. Swipe right on a fruit salad 
  7. Turmeric for all dishes 

Let us dive into the world of healthy food recipes, shall we? 

Recipes for Mental Health: List of ingredients you can add to your daily recipes 

Instead of individual recipes for mental health, here are some added ingredients. These selected ingredients are meant for better mental health. They show several properties that help fight mental issues and anxiety

Cook on oily fish 

By oily, we do not mean too much cooking oil. Certain fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acids (1). These are essential oils that contain DHA and EPA. Not only do they have heart health benefits, but they also work wonders for memory loss too. You can also alleviate mild depression with this chain of oils. For seafood lovers, here’s how you can make your food brain healthy

A list of oily fishes: 

  • Salmon 
  • Sardines 
  • Mackerel 
  • Anchovies 
  • Oysters 

To get optimal benefits, we advise roasting or grilling these fishes. Add some veggies and dress your dish with garlic. A yummy platter of seafood along with mental health served hot. 

Kimchi with the probiotics 

Well, BTS has indeed driven people to know Koreans and admire them. This is a side dish that Koreans prepare with excellent probiotic properties (2). Probiotics are definitely mood boosters. Talking of anti-anxiety recipes, let us look at its ingredients: 

  • fermented cabbage
  • Green onions (fermented) 
  • fermented radishes 
  • ginger 
  • chili flakes 

You can use kimchi as toppings, dressings, and even as a spicy condiment. Make sure you do not let the kimchi heat up. Or else you might just lose on its benefits (3)

Nuts and seeds are the new icings 

Nuts and seeds are quite flexible ingredients. For instance, you can add them to batters, smoothies, dishes ranging from breakfast to dinner. How do nuts help with mental health? Well, for most of it, it’s the memory loss it helps. The DHA present helps with mild depression too. Apart from that, cognitive decline is minimized with age (4)

Some ways in which you can add nuts and seeds: 

  • Put them in the blender when making smoothies. 
  • Top your breakfast cereals with some nuts 
  • While making a pancake batter, just add some walnuts and almonds. 
  • Chia seeds + water can work as a substitute for eggs in cake batters (5)
  • Top bread crumbs, chicken, and seafood with walnuts and chia seeds 

Veggies to the rescue 

Substitute your dull platter with some colorful veggies (6). If you are not fond of certain veggies, try out new recipes. Add them in ways you’d want to have them. A few twisted veggie recipes: 

  • Grate the sweet potatoes for a potato pancake 
  • Tender baby leaves of spinach as leafy beds under seafood or chicken 
  • Roast the broccoli and cauliflowers instead of steaming them 
  • For all the veggie lovers, just mix steamed veggies with a spicy sauce. A colorful salad that helps your brain 

Count on the chocolate deserts 

Don’t be surprised. Don’t we all resort to chocolates when we are sad? Magnesium and several antioxidants present in dark chocolate is the key (7). A crucial ingredient in your anti-anxiety recipe would be dark chocolate (8). Ways in which you can incorporate it: 

  • Grate dark chocolate as icings over smoothies 
  • You can use melted dar chocolate as a sweet syrup or drizzle over dishes. 
  • Dark chocolate covered almonds. Can be used as toppings for any desert 

Swipe right on a fruit salad 

Fresh fruits work wonders for your brain and mental health (9). Fruits like apples, grapes, and berries are packed with antioxidants. Various other vitamins present in fruits help improve cognition and overall brain functions. Since different fruits have different benefits, mixing a variety in a salad is the best option. Dressing salads with nuts, cinnamon, or dark chocolate drizzle makes it more tasty and beneficial. 

Turmeric for all dishes 

Any recipe can become recipes for mental health just by a pinch of turmeric. The active ingredient curcumin present in turmeric benefits your brain (10). Antioxidants and anti-inflammatories can improve several health conditions. One of them being depression, be it mild or MDD. Recipes in which you can add turmeric: 

  • You can use herbal turmeric tea bags for making iced tea. 
  • Grinding turmeric and adding it to curry dishes according to taste. 
  • You can also add turmeric to various other meals: 
  1. Fruit smoothies 
  2. Rice and grained dishes 
  3. Soups 

Wrapping Up 

To conclude the health potion class, let us look back at what we learned. We got to know how the various foods to improve mental health can become tasty dishes. Several studies have also proved the benefits of the above ingredients. Mental health is not limited to having healthy food. Hence, taking proper care, sleep, and diagnosis is essential.