Cheap and quick COVID tests

Quick and cheap COVID tests might help resolve excessive spread of the coronavirus in the US

Cheap and quick COVID tests

It does not seem like the wave of COVID-19 is going to subside anytime soon in the US. A lot is happening with changes to the testing system and decisions being made to reopen the economy.

According to President Trump, we need to reopen the economy or else America will face the biggest economic crisis we have ever seen. President Trump also is keen on reopening the schools.

But many medical experts are opposing the idea of reopening schools. This is due to the increase of coronavirus cases in the US. Amid this chaos, medical experts also believe that we need quicker and cheaper tests.

We need tests that would give results within a few minutes of testing. The normal PCR test takes at least a week to return the results.

One of the major reasons why COVID-19 is flaring like a raging fire in the US is because most people don’t know they have the virus until they have become sick.

Many people are contagious days before they are sick. If more people knew that they are contagious, they would quarantine themselves un till they are back to normal health.

In the US, approximately 750000 tests are conducted each day. And in July, nearly 50000 people test positive each day. These PCR tests often take more than a week to return the results.

Many scientists now believe that while the PCR tests are effective and valuable for testing in hospitals, they are not enough to stop the pandemic.

Faster, Cheaper, Easier COVID tests

According to a research fellow at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Stephen Kissler, these cheap and quick COVID tests might be the key to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

And this innovation of cheap, quick and easy COVID tests is not far away. A chemical engineer at MIT, Hadley Sikes, developed prototypes that detect malaria, dengue and tuberculosis.

And now many researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology are collaborating with 3M to develop a quick and cheap coronavirus test.

If this test works, then the results of the test can be seen in ten minutes.

And the process is also simple. All you would need to do is add your bodily fluid to a paper that changes colour. This colour change would determine if you are negative or positive with the coronavirus.

While organizations like FDA (Food and Drug Administration) also support the quick and cheap tests, they are very careful with approving these tests as the chances of them being inaccurate are high.

According to, the National Institute of Health is also supporting the development of such tests. They have a 1.5 billion dollar federal initiative to speed up the pace of development of the quick and cheap COVID-19 tests.


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