Depression and chronic fatigue duing COVID-19

How can you manage depression and chronic pain during COVID-19?

Depression and chronic fatigue duing COVID-19

None of us like being quarantined at home due to the arrival of the pandemic. Staying indoors, not being able to go to work, the park or anywhere for that matter is not fun.

And it might be even more challenging for you if you suffer from depression and chronic pain. Depression might feel like an even heavier cloud during the quarantine.

And living with chronic pain in the midst of a pandemic might feel like a hard battle. However, these times call for us to become our own warriors and protect that which matters most: our peace.

When the whole world is burning, it is easy to lose ourselves in the chaos. It is easy to lose sight of the things that really matter.

Here are a few reminders to help you manage depression and chronic pain during COVID-19:

Eat healthily

There are many causes of depression. One of them is eating foods that are heavy and dense in nature. Eating heavy foods cause us to feel even more low than normal.

Eat lighter foods that are easy on your stomach. Fruits and vegetables are the best foods to eat to help elevate severe depression.

Another cause of depression is a decrease in gut health which is also related to food. To increase gut health, eat foods that kill off the harmful bacteria. Once the harmful bacteria is gone, you would automatically feel better than before.

Eat foods that detox your body from toxins and harmful bacteria. Fasting is also a great way to manage and cure depression.

Get some sunlight

Sit under the morning sun and take in your daily dose of Vitamin D. Research also suggests that a decrease in exposure to sunlight increases the risk of depression.

The sun is a source of limitless power and energy. Sitting in sunlight also secretes serotonin which is the ‘feel-good’ hormone. Sunlight and vitamin D also help with chronic pain.

So, soak in the sun to manage depression and chronic pain during COVID-19.

Feel your feelings

This is easier said than done. But it is also one of the most effective ways to manage and cure depression. The word ‘depression’ means that there is something this is ‘de’ pressed or ‘suppressed within us.

When we suppress something, it comes out in other harmful ways like depression. Often it is our feelings and emotions that we suppress within us.

As Lyla June says, “In feeling there healing”. May be quarantine is the perfect time for you to feel and face the emotions and feelings you have been running away from.

There are various ways you can feel and face these emotions. You can dance, try somatic meditation by Reggie Ray or simply sit with yourself and feel what arises within you.

Cultivate connection

Cultivate a connection with yourself and your loved ones. When we have people in our lives who feel a genuine connection with and who love us, life becomes a fantastic adventure.

Cultivating true connection to ourselves and our loved ones is one of the best ways to manage depression during COVID-19. So, have that difficult conversation that you have been putting off and develop a deeper connection.

To develop a connection with yourself, you can spend alone, try yoga or meditation or do something that feeds your soul.

Move. Move. Move

Movement of the body is one of the best ways to manage depression during COVID-19. Exercising and sweating releases feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin, which helps a lot with depression.

According to research, physical activity is effective to treat anxiety, depression and other psychosomatic disorders.

So, make it a point to get enough exercise and movement to help your manage your depression during COVID-19. You can also dance or try the trampoline to get the movement your body needs.

Take your medication

If you suffer from severe depression and your doctor has put you on anti-depressants, don’t forget to take them.

Your medications help you stay balanced. To manage your depression effectively, take proper doses every day as prescribed by your doctor.

Let’s move on to Chronic pain

Physical therapy

If you suffer from chronic pain, do your physical therapy exercises regularly. Chronic pain can also cause depression, and doing your PT exercises regularly can reduce pain and depression.

You can start with baby steps. Quarantine can make you feel lazy. So, start with 5 minutes of PT every day and then move on to long PT sessions.

Get a massage

Getting a massage from a trained therapist during the pandemic and quarantine can be tough. But you can do it yourself as well. Try the foam rollers or lacrosse ball rollers.

You can do these 5-10 minutes every day and increase or decrease the time as per your comfort level. They are excellent for chronic pain.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is an effective way to manage depression and chronic pain during COVID-19. Rest is a valuable solution for chronic pain and depression.

What better time than quarantine to sleep how much ever want and enjoy the benefits of limitless sleep.

Also, don’t forget to take your meds that help you manage your chronic pain. 

This is a tough time for all of humanity, and you are doing the best you can. So, most of all, be gentle with yourself. You’ve got this!