Improve Your Eyesight Naturally With These Simple Methods

Having excellent eyesight is difficult. Either we have to bring the book really close to our eyes to read or use binoculars to look around. The feeling is merely pathetic at times. Moreover, wearing spectacles is not always fashionable. There is a constant fear of your spectacles or lens falling from your face if you move too much. So, you should know how to naturally improve eyesight with food and other methods to maintain good eye health. 

Yes, whether you are working or studying for long hours, you can still dodge an appointment with your eye doctor if you follow these steps. The steps would include

  • Maintaining proper practices.
  • Eating a balanced diet.
  • Using protective eyewear.
  • Getting rid of old make-up.
  • Take frequent screen breaks.
  • Get regular eye screenings.

So, let us talk about these steps without any further ado.

Maintaining proper hygienic practices

Specific home remedies for eyesight can help you to maintain excellent eye health. Maintaining proper hygiene is one such remedy. You have to always keep your hands clean and wash them thoroughly with soap and water. This process is indispensable if you are a contact lens wearer. Before touching your eyes wash your hands to prevent any germs from coming in contact with your eyes. This process will help you to prevent infectious diseases like conjunctivitis.

Eating a balanced diet

A balanced diet rich in essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and vitamin E can help you maintain good eyesight. These nutrients lower your chances of developing several eye-related diseases like cataracts or macular degeneration. 

Therefore, if you want to know how to improve eyesight naturally with food, then here are a few food items that you must add to your regular diet:

  • Leafy greens like collards, kale spinach, etc. are rich in essential antioxidants like Zeaxanthin and lutein that shield your eye from light- damage (1). 
  • Fatty fishes like Tuna, Salmon, etc. contain high quantities of omega-3 fatty acids. They can lower the risk of sight-threatening diseases.
  • Food items like eggs, milk, chicken breast, pork, beef, turkey, etc., which are rich in protein and vitamin
  • Food items like legumes, beans, etc. are rich in bioflavonoids and zinc.
  • Have various types of nuts and seeds like chia seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, and walnuts.

Have vitamin C-rich fruits like oranges, lemons, etc. (2).

Using Protective Eye-wear

According to a survey, about 2.5 million eye injuries happen in the U.S.A every year. So, you must always wear protective eyewear to shield yourself from such damages.

You can use protective eyewear in the following places:

  • At your workplace, especially if your job requires physical effort.
  • At home, while doing any physical activity.
  • While working out at the gym.
  • While playing outdoor sports like cricket or hockey.

Wearing Sunglasses whenever necessary

Excessive exposure to UV rays can cause numerous eye problems, especially cataracts. Therefore you must always wear sunglasses before going out into the sunlight to maintain the  health of eye. Don’t rely upon a cheap pair of shades you bought before a concert to protect your eyes from sunlight. Instead, you can invest in a decent pair of right sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. While shopping for a new pair of sunglasses, make sure that it offers protection from UVA and UVB protection (3). 

Getting rid of old makeup

Bacteria grow ten times faster in old make-up items. So, even if your make-up product is costly, you have to replace it every three months. Always wash your make-up and remove false lashes, eyeliner, or mascara before going to bed. We know your friends are dear to you. But avoid sharing make-up products with them to prevent eye infection. Also, do not fall for store samples as they can affect your skin and eyes (4).

Take Frequent Screen Breaks

Devices like your computer or your mobile phones emit high energy blue light. If you expose your eyes to such blue light for a very long time, then you might suffer from severe eye damage (5). So, you must take frequent screen breaks while working on such devices to give your eyes some rest. Apart from frequent breaks, here are some other things you can do:

  • Keep your computer screen at a distance of 20″-24″ from your eye.
  • The level of your computer screen should be below your eye level.
  • Adjust the brightness level on your screen
  • Blink as many times as you can
  • Use a good lubricating eye drop to soothe your eyes.

Eye nutrients like Lutein & Zeaxanthin are also present in the macula. These nutrients help your eyes filter blue light. As your body cannot produce these nutrients independently, diet home remedies for eyesight are an excellent option.

Get Regular Eye Screenings

You can understand a lot about your eye’s condition if you regularly visit a doctor. Always consult a good eye doctor if you suffer from possible vision-related problems. Doctors can offer you suggestions on how to improve eyesight naturally with food.

Here are some things that a good eye screening session will help you to understand:

  • Whether you are susceptible to eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataract, etc
  • Whether there is any change or deterioration in your everyday vision 
  • If your retina and optic nerves are functioning properly
  • Whether you find it challenging to look at objects near or far from you.

Wrapping up, 

Suppose anyone in your family has a medical history involving eye diseases. In that case, there’s a high probability that you might get eye disease. If you follow these steps and consult a good eye doctor frequently, then you can maintain the proper health of the eye.