Manage Lower Back Pain At Home Like Never Before

Lower back pain is a common, painful condition that affects the lower area of your spine. Even if you are not old, you will feel like one if you have lower back pain. Do not look surprised. It can even happen to anyone starting from young teenagers to your parents. But if you know what are the home remedies for lower back pain, you can easily avoid this stituation. 

Given below are some of the best pain remedies that you can follow in dealing with the pain in your lower back:

  • Apply ice on the affected area
  • Keep your body engaged in physical activities
  • Strengthen your back muscles 
  • Try stretching
  • Provide support to your back muscles
  • Monitor your posture
  • Avoid wearing heels
  • Make changes in your lifestyle and habits
  • Keep your weight under control
  • Try using Anti-inflammatory drugs

So, if you follow these remedies religiously you would never have to experience back pain. Even when you turn old like your grandparents, you will be ache-less. 

Apply ice on the affected area

Applying ice is one of the best treatment for lower back pain as it reduces inflammation. You can even use warm press if you want but it does not relax your muscles. This is because the heat increases the inflammation. So, instead of using a hot compress, try using an ice pack. Don’t forget to remove the compress after every 20 minutes so that your skin can rest. 

Keep your body engaged in physical activities

Your spine helps you in your body movements. Even if you are suffering from back pain, try to keep yourself engaged in your daily activities. You can make your bed, walk your dog, or go for a walk. After the pain reduces, you can also participate in more physical activities. Go for bicycling, swimming, aerobics, hiking, and likewise. But, make sure you do not over-exhaust yourself. 

Strengthen your back muscles 

Strengthening the muscles in your back can prove to be the best treatment for lower back pain. Once the pain subsides, start working out to improve the extensor muscles in your back. These muscles help you maintain proper body alignment and posture. So, if you make them strong, your back will gain more support. But, you must avoid doing abdominal crunches, as this type of exercise can put more strain on your back (1). 

Try stretching

If you don’t know what are the home remedies for lower back pain then you can try stretching. Working and sitting in your chair for long hours can also create a lot of pain in your back. To prevent this, you must get up and stretch yourself. Stretching your legs, arms, and back can increase the blood flow in those areas. People suffering from back pain can indulge in yoga or light stretching exercises daily to keep the back problems at bay (2)

Provide support to your back muscles

If you spend a major chunk of the day sitting in the same position, then get a chair with back support. Ensure that the chair is mobile enough to prevent you from bending forward to look at the monitor screen or hold your mouse. Ensure that the chair has proper support for your lower backs and allows you to place your feet firmly on the ground.

Monitor your posture

Our bodily postures play an essential role in back pain. If you slouch or stoop too often instead of maintaining a good posture, there will be a strain on the ligaments on your back. Thus it will become difficult for your spine to support your body weight, directly affecting your back pain. If you want to avoid sudden bouts of pain in your back, you must be extra careful about your posture, especially while lifting heavy objects (3).

Avoid wearing heels

High heels might make you look attractive, but it shifts the center of gravity of your body and can cause many health problems. Wearing heels will force you to spend more energy to stay stable and balance your alignment. It will eventually lead to pain in your lower back. Instead, you can wear flats, shoes with 1-inch heels, or padded sneakers (4).

Make changes in your lifestyle and habits

Sometimes a change in your daily habit or your lifestyle can also help you to relieve back pain reasons. For example, if you can avoid smoking, you can reduce the risk of osteoporosis of your bones’ spine and problems. According to a recent study, non-smokers have fewer chances to suffer from back pain than people who smoke daily. 

Try using Anti-inflammatory drugs

Anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, Advil, Nuprin, Motrin, Aleve, Naprosyn, Anaprox, etc. can help you reduce back pain. You can also resort to drugs Actamin or Tylenol for extreme cases of pain management. However, before consuming any drug, consult a good pharmacist or a doctor. People with certain medical conditions like ulcers, kidney, or liver disease should avoid taking medications without a doctor’s permission to avoid unwanted reactions.

Keep your weight under control

Extra body weight can sometimes lead to excess stress on your spine and joints. Excess belly fat can eventually force your pelvic muscles, spine, or the lower back to slant forwards. Extra weight will create a permanent roundish arch in your back, which will aggravate your pain. Therefore people suffering from back pain must first bring their weight under control. Proper diet and regular light exercise is the best way to reduce stress in your spine (5).

Wrapping up,

Sometimes the lower back pain can be too severe. If this excruciating pain persists for more than a few days, then you must discontinue the home remedies and immediately see a good doctor. Proper treatment can help you to get better in less time. There can be various back pain reasons, but you need to know what applies to you to use the most effective measures.