Mental Health Awareness: negative thoughts that you should avoid

Living a healthy lifestyle is a pivotal factor in maintaining positive mental health. Therefore, it is essential to identify healthy and positive lifestyle choices that would promote your psychological well-being. Moreover, when you recall more positive thoughts instead of the negative ones, it would automatically prevent you from mental disorders (1). Exercising every day, following a diet, and engaging in positive activities are some of the standard preventive measures you can adopt. But all these go in vain if you do not follow a straightforward trick. That is, keeping your negative thoughts away. Although most mental health awareness articles tend to ignore the role of positive and negative thoughts in maintaining mental health, their effects are multi-focal. 

This article will help you uncover some of the most common misconceptions that most people with mental disorders have. Some of the topics that this article will discover include,

  • Time to knock out the misconceptions
  • DIY Self-care at Home

So, let’s not waste time anymore. 

Time to knock out the misconceptions

You must love yourself always

Do not fall for the psychological myth that people would only love you when you love yourself. Sometimes, you can only love yourself when you are being loved by someone else. No, that is not a fairy-tale or a Netflix quote. When someone sees the person you indeed are and loves you for it, you would definitely feel better. 

good mental health tip is to enroll yourself in various support groups if you are struggling to love yourself. Support groups would help you be reassured and help you in your struggle with self-acceptance. Moreover, support groups would also educate you on important mental health awareness aspects that would further help you grow holistically. 

It is just in your head

You might hear this often from others, which might lead you to think that you are making things up. But, you would be at a loss if you believe that. Do not think that you are overdramatic because you are mentally ill. Apart from that, it is a myth that you would feel better if you stopped believing that you are mentally sick. Although mental illness has physical symptoms, it is not necessary that you would experience physical symptoms right away. 

Sometimes, you are experiencing anxiety and depression due to ACE (Adverse Childhood Events). This means something drastic that has happened in the past is still haunting you in your adult life. Such experiences can be hard to forget. Therefore, give yourself some time and try to strengthen the connection between your body and mind. One of the best habits to improve mental health is to engage in mind-calming activities. Remember, it is not just in your head, and you’re definitely not being dramatic. 

You are stuck

Being diagnosed with any mental disorder for a long time can make you think that there is no way out. On top of that, if you are taking massive doses of medicines regularly, it is all the more reason for you to feel that you will never get well. This type of thinking is hazardous, and you should enroll yourself in mental health awareness programs that would help you cope with these thoughts. 

The first thing that you should stop thinking about is that you are alone. You are not the only one who is suffering from the same issue. People have been diagnosed with it before, and many have been cured as well. Like others, you will also get better eventually. Do not isolate yourself. Rather talk to your close ones regarding the problems you are facing to gain insight into the habits to improve mental health.  

Everyone should love you

Many self-defeating behaviors and thoughts can occur when you expect unconditional acceptance. Although it is entirely natural for you to crave praise, love, and acceptance, the moment you start to adjust your reactions and actions constantly to achieve such desire, you will lose your individuality.

If you continue with this thought, you will change yourself continuously to suit the perception of others. Moreover, negative thoughts like these would make you lose your focus and self-worth that can worsen your condition. You will never be able to make everyone happy. Therefore, do not lose your sleep over what others might or might not feel about you. 

DIY Self-care at Home

You do not always require a lot of medicines or psychotherapy to bring you mental peace. There are some easy and simple mental health tips that you can follow as an at-home self-care routine. Take a look at the following, 

  • Whenever you feel anxious or depressed, try to follow a breathing exercise. Breathing deeply will help you to relax and promote calmness when you are feeling disturbed. 
  • Get yourself a support dog. You can take your dog to your workplace, and anywhere you like. 
  • Follow a fixed sleeping pattern. Sleeping less or too much can make you feel at unrest.