Mom’s Life: Everything you need to know

Mom's life
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Being a mom comes with joys and challenges of its own. However, the joys always outweigh the challenges. Yes, it is challenging to parent a child. And especially so if it is your first time. 


A big responsibility 

You are fully responsible for another life now. First, your only responsibility was to yourself and your family. Being a mother, you are responsible for another tiny life. 

You see how vulnerable new-born children are. They cannot protect themselves. They also cannot do anything for themselves at least for a few years. And it is your responsibility to give them the best. 

It is one of the greatest responsibilities a human being can have. To love someone so unconditionally is a chance of a lifetime. That is why mothers are considered to be goddesses.

It’s not because they have magical superpowers. But because they love their children unconditionally. And to love unconditionally in itself is a superpower.

Not everyone can love unconditionally. But when children come into your life, they teach you what it means to love unconditionally. Through all the challenges of being a mother, your heart opens, and your world expands. 

They teach you to be selfless. And what it means to put another’s needs before your own. 

Moms are the real superheroes. They go through so much pain to deliver a baby. Only a superheroine can endure so much pain for another life. Wow, what a brave and beautiful thing to do. 

It’s not easy being a mom. Even though your heart is filled with love, it can be confusing. Here are a few tips on how to be the best mom ever:



Have an open line of communication with your kids. Start being honest with them when they are young.

We underestimate children. We think we cannot be honest with them because they are young. But honesty is the most important building block of any relationship. When they ask you something, tell them the truth.

Learn the art of graceful communication with your kids. This is why it is so beautiful to have kids. If we see how innocent and honest they are, we also learn to be more honest.

Be open with them when it feels appropriate. Let them know that you are honest with them. And that they can always open up to about anything they need. 


Take time for yourself 

As mothers, your world can revolve around your children. They tend to be the center of your world. You want to give them the best. And do everything you can for them.

You love doing things for your children. You want to see them prosper and become amazing human beings. However, if you don’t take care of yourself first, you might run dry.

You may fall sick or feel tired. You may also feel resentful because you are sacrificing your self-care. Also, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

So always, take time for yourself. You are a mother, but you are also so much more. Find something you love doing like dancing, singing or any other creative activity.

Go for a massage and pamper yourself sometimes. Do things that fill your cup of life and vitality. Do other things that make you feel alive. And then come back to your beautiful children. 


Don’t be hard on yourself 

Mothers experience guilt and shame for making mistakes with their children. Sometimes they forget to pack lunch, or they yell at their children when stressed.

Sometimes mothers fail to show up a hundred per cent. And then they experience guilt and shame for it. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Remind yourself that you too are a human being and can make mistakes.

Mistakes are essential in life because they help us learn. Instead of being hard on yourself for making a mistake, strive to learn from it. This will help you be a better mom. 

Your children are learning from you. So when you are kind to yourself when you make mistakes, they learn too. They too learn to be gentle with themselves when they make mistakes. 


Find Balance

Sometimes when we want to be a good mom, we become too lenient with our kids. There are times when we need to take it easy. We need to let them make mistakes and learn from them.

And then, there are times when we need to be stern and clear with them. This is to let them know that, what they did was not okay. You can be stern and loving at the same time. It is known as the art of graceful communication. 


Refrain from punishment

Punishment has become the norm in our society. But is punishment the answer? When we punish children, we inflict pain on them. And this leads them to stop trusting us. 

As a mom, you have to find another way. It is the way of compassion. If they do something wrong, you can explain to them why it was wrong. It is best to start this parenting behaviour when they are very young.

In an African tribe, if someone does something wrong, they are not punished. Instead, everyone gathers in a circle. The person who has offended is brought in the center of the circle.

And instead of punishing the person, everyone in the circle tells him/her what they love about him/her. They remind the person of their beauty instead of punishing them.

This helps them grow into a better person without inflicting pain and punishment. 



Dr Michael Mina says he knows the solution for COVID-19

Harvard medical expert, Dr Michael Mina, says the solution for the coronavirus is cheap, fast tests that give the test results within ten minutes. He says these tests are beneficial as you can take them at home every day or two. Right now, the tests take at least a week to deliver results. The current tests are good for hospitals and labs, but they fail to test people when they are the most infectious. Cheap and fast tests will help in testing immediately. And if a person tests positive, they can take measures to quarantine and stop the virus instead of waiting for a week to get results.

A COVID vaccine will be released once it is safe

Many vaccine trials for COVID are underway in the United States, and some have reached phase three trials. Once the vaccines have cleared phase three trials, they will be released to the public. However, medical experts say that vaccines will only be released once they are safe. They do not want to compromise on the ethics and quality of vaccine as this can be dangerous. If unsafe vaccines are released in haste, they can be damaging to health and cause people not to trust vaccines in the future. Dr Fauci and Trump believe that with proper precautions, we should have a vaccine by the end of the year.

Drink Turmeric water in flu season

Turmeric is an ancient medicinal spice that is abundant in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It helps kill harmful viruses and bacteria in the body and also helps in building anti-bodies to harmful viruses. Add some turmeric to warm water and drink a glass 2 hours before sleeping.

Sweat it out

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and so also it releases a lot of toxins, especially through sweat. To release stress stored in the body, sweat your body with exercise and sauna. Sweating not only releases toxins and stress from the body but also cleanses the skin.

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