Not feeling yourself lately? Look out for these effects of Depression

We all have faced those moments when we feel nothing. Do not feel like going out of the house or do something productive. But, what happens when you feel like that for a long time? Then, my friend, you might be suffering from depression. It is a mental disorder that can make you have a bad mood always. The effects of depression can include a lot of things, starting from sleeplessness to loss of appetite. Hence, you need to treat yourself before it gets worse. 

But, before you get yourself an appointment, let us first get to know about a few things. 

  1. Causes of Depression
  2. Effects of Depression
  • A general feeling of hopelessness
  • Loss of interest in daily activities
  • Sleeplessness
  • Increased Fatigue
  • Growing Anxiety
  • Sudden changes in weight and appetite
  • Constant thoughts about suicide or death

Causes of Depression

This can be a confusing disease. Various reasons can create depression. Although the causes of depression can vary, the doctors have found some common causes. They are:

  • Abuse( Emotional, Physical, or Sexual).
  • Personal or Workplace Conflicts.
  • Death of a loved one.
  • Major Life-changing Events.
  • Severe illness.

Effects of Depression

That bad feeling which you cannot shake off is depression. It stays with you almost always. But, if you can understand your symptoms, you can go for good treatment. This can help you to recover fast. If you notice the warning signs of depression in yourself or the people around you, get help.

If you don’t understand how to know if you are depressed or plain sad, pay attention to your symptoms. Given below are the nine most common symptoms of depression:

A general feeling of hopelessness:

Clinical depression is a mood disorder that can change your lifestyle. This mental disorder can make you feel helpless or hopeless in your daily life. People with depression often find no motivation to get up in the morning (1). Other feelings like worthlessness, inappropriate guilt, or self-hate are also common signs.

Loss of interest in daily activities:

Sometimes, you are having fun with your friends, but suddenly you feel lonely. Well, this happens a lot when you are depressed. Sudden dislike for your favorite sport, your hobbies, going out with friends are some significant signs. Depression can make you lose interest in sexual engagement and cause impotence and decreased sex drive.


Depression and insomnia can happen together, and one disorder often leads to another. Sometimes clinical depression can cause disturbed sleeping patterns or severe sleeplessness. If you have insomnia, you can also experience depression. If you do not get good quality sleep at night or if your body does not get proper rest, then you’ll be more prone to anxiety disorders or panic attack symptoms.

Increased Fatigue:

This means you might feel too tired or demotivated to work at most times. This overwhelming feeling of fatigue will prevent you from doing your daily life activities (2). You’ll feel too tired to take part in your favorite games or hang out with your friends even after resting for a whole day. Sudden lack of energy can also cause excessive sleeping during the daytime and sleeplessness at night. 

Growing Anxiety:

Even if depression does not always cause anxiety, but it can happen together. It is one of the significant effects of depression. Some common symptoms of anxiety are:

  • Breathlessness nor rapid breathing
  • Feeling excessively nervous, tense, or restless
  • Increased production of sweat
  • Shaking hands

Feeling irritated all the time:

Depression can sometimes make you feel irritated all the time, even for no good reason. Yet, this symptom affects men and women differently. For example, when a young man suffers from depression, he shows frequent irritability symptoms and anger (4). Compared to women, men ignore depression signs and take professional help.

Sudden changes in weight and appetite:

If you’re wondering how to know if you are depressed, pay attention to what you eat and your weight. If you have depression, your weight will change suddenly. Sometimes there can be a sudden rise in body weight even when they have a controlled food intake. For some people, the bodyweight goes down drastically, leaving them in all skins and bones. Depression also affects your food intake and choices (5). You might start eating too much or too little. 

Uncontrollable Emotional Surge:

Depression can cause a sudden uncontrollable emotional surge. One moment you might feel scared or angry, and the next moment you might cry your lungs out. This sudden feeling of anger or grief over small matters is common signs of depression. You can also have extreme mood swings 

Constant thoughts about suicide or death:

Constant thoughts about death or killing yourself is the most alarming sign. Such self-harm ideas can lead to one of the worse effects of depression. The patient tends to eventually take his own life. People who usually die by suicide often show signs of depression first. Such people only have thoughts about self-harm on their minds. 

So, if you or anyone you know feels suicidal, call for help immediately. 

Wrapping up,

Depression is a common disorder of the mind that can affect anyone at any age. But, if you get proper treatment on time, take medications, and therapy, you can lead an everyday life.