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Volunteers for vaccine trials needed in the US

In June, the direction of National Institute of Health, said that, we will need atleast 30000 volunteers to test each vaccine. There are hundreds of vaccines being researched and some of them are under trial. The issue occurs when participants come to know that half the participants will get the real vaccine in the trial and half will get the placebo. This is when most participants drop out as they too want to real vaccine instead of the placebo. But in good news, 138,600 have signed up for a new vaccine trial.

Coronavirus treatment breakthrough

A company in the UK has found a cure for COVID that reduce the damage caused by this virus. In the trial, this new treatment showed promising signs of healing and regeneration. It uses a protein called interferon beta. This protein is produced by the body naturally to protect itself against viral infection. Patients will inhale the protein through a nebuliser which is said to stimulate an immune response. More trials are underway for this breakthrough that we all need. 

Add cold-pressed coconut oil to your diet

Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils to consume. But use cold-pressed coconut oil rather than heat pressed coconut oil. Applying heat to obtain the oil, takes away the nutrients from the oil and makes it more acidic. Coconut pressed coconut oil is relatively alkaline. It is obtained without applying heat in the process which preserves the essential nutrients and healthy fats in the oil.

High fiber diet

A high fiber diet is the healthiest diet. A little extreme, you might be thinking. But it is backed by effective reason. A high fiber diet will heal your digestion issues, and a good bowel every morning is guaranteed. Vegetables and fruits are the main components of a high fiber diet. So, load up on these delicious treats of nature and watch your health transform into bliss

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