The Simplest Diabetic Diet Food List You Must Try In 2020

Diabetes is a severe metabolic disease caused due to high levels of sugar or glucose in your blood. It happens due to the inability of your body to produce enough insulin or use the present amount. Insulin is a metabolic hormone produced by the pancreas. Insulin helps to dilate the cells and, as a result, absorb the glucose intake of your body. With a decreased insulin secretion, the entire sugar intake flows into your bloodstreams. It results in high sugar levels and other related symptoms. For any diabetic patient reducing weight should be the primary target. Choosing the right foods and maintaining a proper diet is the only way to achieve weight loss. Hence, a diabetic diet food list will help you keep a check on your weight and blood sugar level.

This article entails the following topics:

  1. Why is maintaining a diet essential
  2. The Zone Diet
  3. The Alkaline Diet
  4. Intermittent Fasting
  5. Raw Food Diet Plan
  6. Low-card Diet

Read on to know about the topics mentioned above in detail.

Why is maintaining a diet essential?

Reducing food intake or having specific food items might help you check your obesity. But that is not always effective. The best way you can check for excessive weight gain and reduce it is by following a routine diet. Diets help you to track the same prescribed food habits daily. Maintaining a typical diet is always good for your health. Especially for a person with diabetes, a diabetic diet plan would be the best alternative. Let us now look into a few diet plans useful for diabetic patients. It will help us figure out what exactly could be the best diet for diabetics

The Zone Diet 

The fundamental goal of this diet is to stabilize blood sugar levels. Twenty-seven clinical studies suggest that the Zone Diet is superior in controlling diabetes. It is better than other low-calorie diets. This diet, developed by Dr. Barry Sears (1), aims to reduce diet-induced inflammation. This diet requires you to balance your meals or snacks with the following nutrients in the mentioned proportions. 

  • Carbohydrates- Fill 40% of your meal with carbohydrates like colorful veggies and small amounts of fruits. Ensure you leave out fruits that are high in sugar content and starchy vegetables (eg., corn or potatoes). Make sure you go through the glycemic index before choosing your carbs. 
  • Proteins- Include 30% of the protein on your plate. You can buy protein bars. But, they shouldn’t be more than the thickness of your palm. You can add low-fat dairies, fish, lean beef, and egg whites.
  • Fats- For the remaining 30% of your plate, add some unsaturated fats like avocado, almonds, or olive oil. 

The Zone Diet proves to be one of the best diabetic diet plan. It reduces the consumption of starchy foods. But it makes you add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. It gives you a change in your metabolism and excellent anti-inflammatory benefits. Because of its advantages, it has gained the top position in the diabetic food list. (2)

Alkaline Diet 

The presence of acids in our body can be the cause of most of the long-term chronic illnesses. The theory behind this diet is to maintain a balanced body pH level. The foods that you should exclude from your diet would be:

  • Meat & fish 
  • Dairy products 
  • White grains and bread 
  • Butter and corn oil
  • Nuts like cashews and peanuts 
  • Processed foods, alcohol, and soft drinks

Including sunflower seeds, sesame, and colorful vegetables can switch your body chemistry. It can help your system to become more alkaline. (3)

Intermittent Fasting 

Fasting is harmful to diabetic patients. It can lead to the possibility of dropping blood sugar levels and dehydration. But a recent study has discovered that intermittent fasting can be helpful. It is more useful for people who have type-2 diabetes. Fasting once in a while can reduce the toxin levels in your bloodstreams. It can clear out any previous trace. Hence, insulin secretion is bound to increase. But, it would help if you didn’t try this out on your own. Always consult your family physician or doctor, to know which diabetic diet food list would work for you. (4)

Raw Food Diet Plan 

This diet plan works on the principle of attaining the entire nutrition value of the food you intake. Scientists believe that cooking vegetables and meats under high temperatures is not good. It will destroy the vital nutrients present in them. Hence, other cooking methods, like using electronics, mixers, and blenders, make fresh dishes. It has no direct impact on diabetic symptoms. But it is sure to reduce excessive fat and unwanted inflammations. 

Low-carb Diet 

This diet plan is one of the best diet for diabetics. Reducing carbohydrates from your diet should be the primary goal. It applies all the more to a diabetic patient, especially type-2. But, to reduce body fat, you do not need to cut down on carbs completely. Adding high-fiber carbohydrates is essential to reducing low blood sugar levels. You can add pulses, whole grains, and nuts to your diet and enjoy its benefits. Omitting refined carbs like soft drinks, pizza, cake, biscuits, and other sugary juices can also help. With decreased fat, you will notice an agile metabolic system. it will lower inflammation and blood cholesterol levels. (5)

Wrapping Up 

Maintaining a healthy food habit and a proper routine is beneficial for your body. It will help you tackle a diverse range of chronic diseases apart from diabetes. A diabetic diet food list, regular exercises, and proper hydration are crucial for living a happy and healthy lifestyle. (6)