Uncommon Signs of Depression To Watch Out For

Clinical depression is a common mental condition in today’s world. Many people know about this illness because they have experienced it firsthand. Some people have seen their friends, family members battle various signs of depression. Depression leads to fatigue, lethargy, and lack of concentration. Persistent Depressive Disorder can also cause changes in sleeping and eating patterns. But, there are certain specific symptoms of depression that a layman is bound to miss. According to the CDC, 6.7% of the USA population or 4.8 million people, suffer from depression. This article will help you to analyze what are the signs of depression. These symptoms are generally masked, and ordinary people normalize them as mood swings. This article will help you to understand the logic behind several behavioural changes. Thus, it will become easy for you to get treatment.

Here we will cover the following topics:

  • Anger as a sign of Depression
  • How Workaholics mask Depression
  • Drug Abuse and Depression
  • How weather changes lead to Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder and Depression
  • How memorable days of the year becomes a trigger for Depression
  • Malaise, Psychosis, and Depression
  • Depression In Females
  • Atypical Depression

Anger as a sign of Depression

Anger is a typical emotion that makes you lash out at others. But people find it difficult to differentiate between depressive rage and anger. Patients suffering from Depression get angry more often and without any reason. Even small, inconsequential events can pop a nerve in them. It is difficult to reason out with such people. Sometimes depressive anger can even force them to take their own life.

How Workaholics mask Depression

Some people mask their Depression with work-pressure. Although some people might be workaholics by nature, most are not. They tend to bury themselves with work to keep their depressive thoughts at bay. Work becomes a type of anti-depressant drug for them that also keeps them distracted. One of the most common symptoms of depression in women is obsessing over their children. Depressed men tend to chase challenging career goals.

Drug Abuse and Depression

According to a study, Depression leads to drug abuse and alcohol-use disorder (1). Patients suffering from Clinical Depression find it challenging to quit drugs. Even when they realize that they are harming themselves, they feel too afraid to stop. Depression and Drug Abuse are two separate illnesses. But together, they can be more damaging and leave permanent side effects. 

How weather changes lead to Depression

Some patients experience seasonal Depression because of various climatic changes. Sudden rainfall, seasonal sunlight, snowfall, etc. can trigger depressive behaviours and mood swings. Seasonal Depression also causes fatigue, weight gain, and unhealthy snacking-tendencies. 

Bipolar Disorder and Depression

Both Clinical Depression and Bipolar Disorder have some common what are the signs of depression. Often one condition can also lead to another. Patients suffering from Depression can also experience prolonged mood swings. It becomes difficult for them to lead an everyday life. They face trouble in understanding the world around them. If left untreated, their conditions worsen over time. 

How memorable days of the year becomes a trigger for Depression

Birthdays, Marriage-Anniversaries, Death-Anniversaries, can often trigger prolonged Depression. Sometimes, people feel sad for a very long time. They realize after a while that a loved one’s death-anniversary was fast approaching. Prolonged grief over the death of a loved one is a common sign of Depression. But, counselling and therapy can help you to deal with how to treat depression. 

Malaise, Psychosis, and Depression

For some people, the symptoms of depression can go completely unnoticed. The symptoms persist in them for a long duration of time. This makes people around them normalize the behavioural changes. They do not understand the warnings until the victim ends up committing suicide. 

In some cases, patients suffering from depression also exhibit psychotic behaviour. Such patients tend to become disabled and catatonic. Cases of psychosis are rare but challenging. It often leads to delusions and hallucinations. People with psychosis take their mental ball and hide it deep inside their mind so that no one can find it. Such people end up in hospitals or mental health care facilities. They need serious medication, at least for a while, until their condition stabilizes. 

Depression In Females

There are a few symptoms of Depression found more in women. One of the most classic symptoms of depression in women is a more potent form of PMS. The clinical term for this condition is Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. Postpartum Depression affects women during the second half of their menstrual cycles. It can force patients to curl up in a ball with pain. There can be an increase in dark thoughts rising of nowhere. 

Atypical Depression

Atypical Depression does not have any particular signs or symptoms. Psychiatrists find it challenging to pinpoint the triggers of this specific condition. Sometimes, regular anti-depressants and talk therapy can cure the symptoms. But, since the triggers are untraceable, the needs tend to last for a long time. 

Wrapping Up,

Depression kills thousands of people each year. It leads to a significant commercial, financial, and emotional loss in society. But, you can prevent your condition from getting worse by getting the right treatment on-time. A certified therapist can show you how to treat depression. This will allow you to lead an everyday life like everyone else.