Uncommon Skin Diseases That Are Becoming More Common

Your skin is one of the most essential parts of your body. It creates a flexible external layer that covers your internal tissues. You can experience touch, heat, or cold because of your skin. It helps in monitoring the temperature of your body. It also protects you from microbes and other unwanted elements. But, skin diseases in humans is a common occurrence. According to a study, eighty-five million people in the USA suffer from skin disorders. 

Skin disorders might start off as a minor issue like a rash or inflammation. But, without proper treatment, it can sometimes turn to severe irreversible conditions. Here, in this article, you’ll learn about what are the types of skin diseases. The nine most common ones are:

  • Shingles
  • Sunburns
  • Basal Cell Carcinoma
  • Lupus
  • Melanoma
  • Psoriasis
  • Moles
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis
  • Vitiligo

Common Skin Conditions: Symptoms and Treatments


Shingles is one of the most basic types of skin diseases in humans resulting from a viral infection. It leads to painful rashes and stripes of blisters in different parts of your body. These blisters tend to cover an entire section of the torso. Both shingles and chickenpox happen because of the same virus. Doctors generally prescribe pain relief medications to treat shingles. Early chickenpox vaccination can reduce the danger of contracting shingles (1).


Sunburns result from excessive exposure to sunlight. It causes painful, red patches on the skin. The burnt areas on the skin become too hot to touch. At times, your skin can also feel itchy and develop painful blisters. Repeated exposure to sunlight can also cause dark spots, wrinkles, and skin cancer (2). Treatment for sunburns includes pain relief medications and soothing creams to relieve itching.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

It is a type of skin cancer-initiating from the basal cells. Basal cells are responsible for producing new skin cells after the old ones die. This disease occurs as a white, waxy mass or a brown, flaky patch on your skin exposed to sunlight for a long time. You will usually find it around your face and neck. Early prevention of this skin condition is possible by minimizing sun exposure. Doctors generally prescribe creams or surgery to remove cancerous portions of the cells. Often, radiation therapy is also useful in treating this disease. 


This skin diseases and treatment makes your immune system attack the body’s own tissues. This, in turn, causes skin inflammation. Common symptoms of Lupus are rash, joint pain, fatigue, fever. There is no standard cure for Lupus. Treatments usually focus on minimizing the symptoms. Lifestyle modifications and a controlled diet can also reduce skin inflammations. Often, steroids and anti-inflammation medicines prove to be useful (3)


It is one of the worst types of skin cancer. It happens when the pigment-producing cells present on your skin becomes cancerous. This skin condition leads to the formation of new moles or unusual growth of existing ones. Melanomas can occur in any part of your body. Treatment for Melanoma involves radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, etc. 


This skin condition leads to building up of skin cells forming itchy or scaly dry patches. It occurs because of several disorders in the immune system. Stress, common cold, and viral infections can sometimes trigger this skin condition. Common symptoms of psoriasis are rashes on the skin, nails, joints. Topical ointments, medications, and light therapy are standard treatments for psoriasis. 


Moles are the pigmented skin lesions that usually develops during adulthood. People develop plenty of moles during their life. It can show up in any part of your body. But, it is more found in sun-exposed areas. The lesions are usually brown in color, smooth to touch, and elevated.

In most cases, nevus or moles are benign and do not need any treatment. Sometimes, it can turn into melanoma and become cancerous. If your moles become bigger, darker, or change shape- you must remove it. Mole removal through surgery is useful in preventing medical complications (4)

Seborrheic Dermatitis

It is a common skin diseases and treatment that creates scaly spots on the skin. These scaly patches are more common in your face, back, neck, or upper chest region. It also causes redness in the scalp area and stubborn dandruff. You can easily deal with this problematic skin condition by using medicated shampoos, lotions, and skin creams. Self-care and repeated treatments can cure you over time. 


It is a genetic skin diseases in humans that leads to loss of skin color in patches. It occurs when the pigment-producing cells in your skin die or stop producing melanin. Common symptoms of this disease involve loss of skin color from certain parts of the body. The symptoms are more pronounced around the eyes, mouth, and in your hair. People with darker complexion have more noticeable signs of this skin condition. Treatment improves skin-appearance but doesn’t cure the disease itself (5).

Wrapping Up,

If you don’t know what are the types of skin diseases that you might have, consult a good dermatologist. Skin diseases are treatable most of the time. Proper care and medications can go a long way in helping you deal with your condition.