Vegan Recipes: Anti-stress foods that you can make easily

There is too much of a debate on the topic of veg and non-veg. Well, most people look at nutrients while some look at hygiene. Vegan diets might be dissed by many, but it’s undoubtedly healthy. With all the reactions you can undergo with non-veg, vegan recipes reduce that threat. In the current dates, people are looking for more vegan substitutes for their daily nutrients. With the pandemic in view, vegan recipes and diets have swept the markets. 

Coming to stress, many foods help cope with it. A vegan diet meal plan in US is the need of the hour. With a world moving faster than jet planes, stress is widespread. To make stress management tasty, we chose a few vegan recipes for you. Roll your eyes through the list of recipes we’re about to learn. 

5 Vegan Recipes to relax your brain cells 

  1. Vegan Bolognese with Mushroom and Lentil 
  2. Chocolate & Strawberry Sweet Potato Toasts 
  3. Turmeric Date Balls 
  4. Chia-Blueberry Pudding 
  5. Seedy Granola Bars 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the yummy world of relaxation! 

5 Vegan Recipes to relax your brain cells 

Vegan Bolognese with Mushroom and Lentil 

Reishi mushrooms are used as anti-anxiety foods for ages (1). Mushrooms contain magnesium that helps you calm your mind. Lentil, on the other hand, is rich in folate. It stimulates the production of stress releasing hormones. So, no doubt this dish is meant for relaxation. 

Ingredients needed: 

  • olive oil 
  • finely chopped onions 
  • peeled and chopped veggies 
  • garlic cloves 
  • celery chopped 
  • mushrooms cleaned and finely chopped 
  • dried sage and oregano 
  • smoked paprika 
  • canned tomatoes 
  • red wine 
  • dried red lentils 
  • sugar, salt, and pepper 

How to go about it: 

First, stir the onions, veggies, garlic, celery, and mushrooms in olive oil. Top it with dried sage and oregano and smoked paprika. Let the mushrooms become soft and juicy. Stir for about 15 mins, and it should be ready. Now, pour red wine according to measurements and stir till evaporation. Directly pour in the canned tomatoes for sauce. Add the dried red lentils, and stir till the fragrance is clear. According to taste, add sugar, salt, and pepper. You’re ready with a delicious and healthy bolognese sauce. 

Serve with cooked spaghetti and garnish with chopped parsley. 

Chocolate & Strawberry Sweet Potato Toasts 

Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium. They regulate your heartbeat whenever you are stressed. Apart from that, they also contain magnesium. It is known to promote calmness and an improved mood (2). Chocolate and strawberry also assist your mood. 


  • sweet potatoes 
  • Chocolate hazelnut spread (vegan)
  • Sliced bananas 
  • Fresh strawberries 
  • Sweetened granola 

How to go about it: 

Preheat your oven and place the sliced pieces of sweet potatoes in it. Bake for around 25 minutes; make sure they don’t become very soft. Now, toast each slice of the baked potatoes. It’s time for toppings. Spread chocolate hazelnut and top with fresh bananas and strawberries. Dressing with sweetened granola is optional. 

Among vegan diet recipes for breakfast, this is very healthy. 

Turmeric Date Balls

Turmeric, with its active curcumin, helps treat anxiety and stress (3). It helps boost dopamine levels in the blood. So, turmeric is a natural remedy against stress and also vegan. 

Here’s a way you can consider adding turmeric to your diet. 


  • Walnuts 
  • Rolled oats 
  • Turmeric grinded 
  • Soft pitted dates 
  • Black pepper 

How to go about it: 

Take a high-speed blender and drop the walnuts, oats, turmeric, and black pepper. Blend till it’s fine and broken down. Gradually add the pitted dates. Keep adding until a soft dough forms. Make sure you maintain hygiene and wash your hands. Then roll the dough into medium-sized balls, according to your needs. Now, roll the balls over turmeric until completely covered. 

Store in an airtight container for longer preservation. 

Chia-Blueberry Pudding 

Tryptophan is an amino acid that chia seeds contain. It helps trigger the release of serotonin. This, in turn, induces a feeling of calmness. A few studies have also shown that it can help with anxiety (4). Are you looking for vegan diet recipes for your sweet tooth? Here you go: 


  • White chia seeds 
  • Agave nectar 
  • Frozen blueberries 
  • Grounded cinnamon 
  • Vanilla essence 

How to go about it: 

The preparation of this dish is, in all probability, the easiest. All you need is a big bowl and a blender. Well, if you do not want to blend manually, use an electric blender. Keep the pudding batter in the refrigerator overnight. It will soak, and the chia seeds will become gel-like. Divide into separate bowls and serve with frozen blueberry toppings. 

Seedy Granola Bars

This dish is super seedy and super nutty. Nuts and almonds are rich in vitamins and zinc that promote relaxation (5). And there is no need to talk about the benefits of the various seeds. Here is a brain-healthy vegan recipe


  • Roughly chopped raw almonds and walnuts 
  • Rolled up oats 
  • Chia seeds 
  • Sunflower seeds 
  • Flax seeds 
  • Packed pitted dates 
  • Hemp seeds 
  • Salted peanut or almond butter 
  • Agave nectar or maple syrup
  • Chocolate chips and dried fruits (optional) 

How to go about it: 

First, heat and toast the almonds and oats in the oven for 15 minutes until goldish. Blend the dates in a mixer until it turns into a soft dough. Make sure it’s consistent in texture. In a large mixing bowl, drop the roasted almonds and oats with the dates. Then add the seeds and keep them aside. Stir agave nectar and peanut butter on low heat. Now, pour it over the mixture and start mixing. Mix thoroughly; the dates should break up and spread throughout. Transfer the mixture into a flat pan and press down with a flat object. Then refrigerate the flattened mix for about 20 mins and let it harden. 

Serve on separate plates chopping the mix into equal bars. You can add choco chips and dried fruits as toppings. 

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, try out these super healthy vegan recipes. We say, cook, eat, and chill.