Vitamin Supplements That Helps In Fighting Common Diseases

Entering into the 9th month of a pandemic, we should not neglect other possible diseases. The nutrients that people have hiked during these times have many unknown benefits. People are advising you to take Zinc supplements now, but these vitamin supplements have forever been beneficial. However, we should not just consider anyone’s words without proper knowledge. 

Instead of stressing on some WhatsApp forwards, let us ally with some relevant information. To begin with, currently, what doctors are continually talking about is immunity. Building a robust and efficient immune system is the need of the hour. Now, what helps build immunity. There are many dietary and also supplement interventions for acquiring healthy immunity. Some of the most talked-about nutrients have, without a doubt, been Vitamin D & C and Zinc. 

Today, we will learn more about these currently in picture nutrients. Let us brainstorm the following topics: 

  • Is Zinc Supplementation Useful in Combating Viral Infections?
  • Vitamin D: How does it aid various diseases? 
  • Can lung infections lead to a deficiency of vitamin D? 
  • Is this a break for the treatment of unknown viruses? 
  • Possible implications of the therapeutic effects of high-doses of Vitamin C 

Is Zinc Supplementation Useful in Combating Viral Infections? 

Researchers and Doctors found zinc to be pretty useful when restricting the entry of various viruses. Zinc has several properties that show its barrier characteristics. With enumerated studies on animals and patients, zinc has significantly proved beneficial in many fields. Studies suggest that patients with chronic diseases might benefit from it. 

You must be wondering how zinc works? Well, let’s summarize its benefits for you (1)

  1. Firstly, zinc helps with mucociliary clearance. This improvement helps in the removal of virus particles. Viral infections damage the mucociliary epithelial. Zinc improves movements along with them and helps clear the virus particles in the process. 
  1. Secondly, zinc is vital in protecting tissue barriers. Studies show that zinc deficiency leads to leaks in the respiratory epithelial tract. This leak facilitates the entry of viruses and pathogens into the bloodstream. Zinc supplementation can strengthen your lung integrity. 
  1. Next, in many cases, patients also report a lack of interferon secretions. Zinc supplementation has shown to signal anti-viral functions and activate these secretions. 
  1. Zinc also depicts properties that decrease viral replication. Many studies have demonstrated the direct anti-viral effects of zinc supplementation. 
  1. Coming to one of the main points, immune balance. What is the cause of this immune imbalance? The hyper-inflammation of resistant products is the leading cause. The anti-inflammatory and oxidative properties of zinc help you cater to this imbalance. 

Note that the above points are subject to most viral infections. Zinc is also readily available and comes at a minimum cost. What’s more? Zinc supplementation has negligible to no side effects.

Vitamin D: How does it aid various diseases? 

Another frequently talked about nutrient is the sunlight vitamin (2). Vitamin D is mainly known for its anti-inflammatory properties. When any virus enters your body, the foreign body causes inflammation that leads to further issues. Let’s answer a few questions concerning this vitamin and its correlation with several health issues (3)

  • Can lung infections lead to a deficiency of vitamin D? 

Looking at a few recent studies, about 80% of lung infected patients showed vitamin D deficiencies. Medical experts believe that maintaining an adequate vitamin D level can reduce the risks of perishing to such infections. A particular study showed that death probability reduced to about 51% with enough vitamin D. Thus, we see that viral infections in the lung can indeed lead to a vitamin D deficiency. One leading side effect of any such condition is costochondritis, caused due to vitamin D deficiency. Hence, soaking under the sun might just increase your survival probabilities. But, not for a very long time, make sure you use SPF. 

  • Is this a break for the treatment of unknown viruses? 

Well, it’s not that big a determinant to call it a break. But it surely helps in the ongoing studies and expeditions to reach the current vaccine. Vitamin D has proved its benefits against the harmful effects of viral infections. With the positive impact of the nutrient on the immune system, doctors recommend boosting it for mild cases these days. 

Possible implications of the therapeutic effects of high-doses of Vitamin C 

Vitamin C demonstrates a wide range of clinical applications (4). Most diseases come with immense oxidative stress, which leads to tissue damages causing multiorgan failures. Vitamin C is therapeutic due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics. Along with that, it reduces pathogen ineffectiveness, protects tissues against damage, and optimizes immunity. There haven’t been many comprehensive studies based on the uses of high-doses of vitamin C. But, given the current situation, doctors are considering every small bait. Vitamin C provides efficiency and safety in treating clinical illnesses; it is also cheaply available (5). Given the above pointers, we can just hope that drinking an extra glass of orange juice can scale up our immunity. 

Wrapping Up

Although the media is firm that this virus is here to stay, let us not be disheartened. Small cues like these can benefit our health in many aspects. Thus maintaining a healthy diet, along with proper intake of every beneficial nutrient, is essential. Do not panic about shortcomings. Keep yourself busy and ensure complete productivity this lockdown season. Let us stay indoors and let the medical experts guard the frontier for us. Make sure you respect your doctors and nurses; they’re the angels on earth. We can get through this together, godspeed.