Why are cases of heart diseases increasing nowadays?

For centuries we knew heart disease to be a condition of the aged. Heart diseases are chronic and usually develop with time. There are quite a few causes that give rise to heart issues. While some heart diseases flow with genes, some arise due to various malpractices. According to the survey’s heart disease rates, on the whole, have reduced. However, rates among adults below the age of 40 have hiked (1). One very prominent cause is a lifestyle switch. In this world of trends, people leave behind their health. With a world driven by technology more than ever, chronic disorders have started to grow like parasites on stagnant humans. 

Humans are indeed developing but at the cost of a healthy life. With everything moving at a high-speed rate, people tend to ignore their personal care. Nowadays, people look for ways to make their daily tasks easier. Thus, with a negligible amount of time for one’s healthcare, humans make heart risks and other conditions a friend at a young age. Today we will try to go around some vital points that people need to start considering soon. 

  • Causes of this hike in heart disease trends 
  • Beware of the risks 
  • Prevention is better than cure 

Causes of this hike in heart disease trends 

With each passing day, more numbers get added to the list of people diagnosed with heart illnesses. Projected to boost by 46% up to 2030, it concerns every health practitioner. At this rate, about 8 million people in America will perish due to heart failure. Let us consider a few causes of this present day boost in heart disease rates. 

Advancements in different fields

Astonishingly one major cause, as suspected by researchers, is medical advancements. With the gradual development and technological up-gradation of healthcare services, more people survive fatal heart failures. Although they live, they are threatened with a relapse of a similar event, finally leading to death.

According to surveys, the number of heart patients surviving increased from 5.7 to 6.5 million. This boost is constant and amplified henceforth. Cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension and stroke, still remain the most prevalent cause of death in the US. 

Epidemics of diabetes and obesity 

About 33.4 percent of children between the age of 2-19 years are either overweight or obese. Shocked? Don’t be. Cholesterol rates are overflowing throughout America in recent years. With the rapid lifestyle changes and the excessive pressure this generation faces, these have turned to become epidemics. A sedentary routine along with negative habits hang on to children and adolescents now, more than ever. An estimated 9.1% of adults in the US are diagnosed with diabetes. At the same time, more than 3.1% have undiagnosed diabetes. And, prediabetes has hit more than 34% of adults. 

Various other diseases are also on the rise, including hypertension and high cholesterol. These conditions also amplify the risk of developing heart diseases. Your blood vessels are susceptible to various injuries and blockages; thus, any slight inflammation can even be fatal. If we consider the stats, around 40% of American adults had high cholesterol, and 34% showed high BP rates. 

Lifestyle changes 

A prominent change along with generations is of the lifestyle. The apparently “woke” and “cool” age is a leading cause of this heart complications hike. With the youth spending more time on virtual media, the innate drive of physical activities is absent. Along with the sluggish lifestyle practices, eating habits have also taken a toll.

An onset of preferring junk meals and takeaways rather than home-cooked healthy meals significantly impacts heart health in the long run. Apart from that, the idea of smoking, drinking, and similar negative behaviors are celebrated. A study from 2015 showed that more than 5% of the youth population in America willingly smoked. Thus the rate at which lifestyle changes are spiking heart risks is alarming. 

Beware of the risks 

Risks of heart diseases can be hereditary or acquired. Although you cannot prevent genetic conditions, you can prevent acquisition. With proper awareness and a healthy lifestyle, even coping up with genetic illnesses become possible. If you are to strengthen your cardiovascular system, note the following risk factors. 

  • Uncontrolled smoking 
  • Overdosing on drinks and certain medications/drugs 
  • An unorganized and junk diet 
  • A stationary lifestyle 
  • Undiagnosed underlying conditions 
  • Omitting routine checkups 

Prevention is better than cure

Heart experts say, stop it before it escalates. Recently, the idea of primordial prevention of heart health has seen a modification. It is too dangerous to wait for a heart attack and then become cautious. Thus looking out and abstaining from certain preventable risk factors is the key.

Things we have total control over, like physical movement, dietary measures, smoking, etc., should be looked after. Taking early precautions and steps will keep your heart health intact over the years. Our heart health depends on how aware we are of the risks and how early we amend our practices. 

Your Takeaway 

With the rising industrialization and advancements in various fields, healthcare is taking a backdrop. Along with that, a pandemic like the current one has left every nation in a state of dismay. Among all of this, your heart health is losing the attention and care it needs. More so now, due to the lockdown, the lethargy in people has grown to unbounded levels. With the current rates, another pandemic is determined to strike the world. This time, your heart fails. 


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